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Arizona is known around the country for being tough on crime. This is especially so when it comes to drug charges, as those who are convicted of these offenses can face stiff penalties that include long periods of incarceration. If you or someone you love faces this situation, your first step should be to contact experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible, as you have no time to waste in building your defense.

Below you'll find information regarding Arizona drug charges that include possession of controlled substances, the manufacturing or cultivation of controlled substances, drug trafficking, a basic overview of the sentencing guidelines for these crimes and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love needs the assistance of Arizona criminal defense lawyers to protect your legal rights.

Possession of Drugs in Arizona

Drug possession is one of the most common drug crimes in Arizona, and it basically allows prosecutors to pursue convictions against defendants who are accused of having a controlled substance in their possession. This does not necessarily mean that the substances need to be on the person, but rather within the control of the suspect, such as in his or her vehicle or home.

The basic prosecutorial guideline when it comes to Arizona drug possession starts with the type of substance that's allegedly possessed and then moves into the analysis of how much of a substance someone has. Generally, the more someone possesses, the heavier the consequences could be if a defendant is convicted. Arizona has published 'threshold amounts' which basically delineate when something is a crime and when possession is a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor.

Drug Trafficking Charges in AZ

As one would expect, drug trafficking is generally seen and prosecuted as a more serious offense than drug possession. Drug trafficking charges can result if someone is caught with a controlled substance that's separately packaged into amounts that would normally be sold, but it can also be the charge that results if someone is caught driving a large quantity of drugs in their vehicle.

In addition, the geographic location of Arizona in relation to Mexico only heightens the possibility that people will be stopped and searched for controlled substances. This is particularly true of some of the main highways in the state that can lead to the border, including Interstate 8 and Interstate 40. Drug trafficking is a serious charge that is almost always classified as a felony and that can carry significant prison terms upon a conviction.

Manufacturing and Cultivating
of Marijuana or Methamphetamine

Not all drugs are made somewhere else and transported. Several controlled substances can be grown or otherwise manufactured for the purpose of sale. Two common substances that are the root of Arizona manufacture and cultivation of drugs are marijuana and methamphetamine. Marijuana grow houses and locations have been the target of several police investigations, and a higher number of them are being busted than ever before. Methamphetamine continues to be seen as a scourge on society, and this is a substance that must be manufactured and that which carries a distinct odor.

Anyone who is arrested for this charge needs to understand that every piece of evidence can and usually will be used against them. For instance, someone who is charged with growing marijuana will have the severity of these charges partially defined by the weight of the substance, and the weight includes the plants themselves. Convictions on these charges can carry a minimum of 10 years in prison in many situations.

Sentencing Guidelines for Arizona Drug Crimes

As part of the overall legislative policy towards getting tough on crime, Arizona has a series of sentencing guidelines that are used to help courts determine someone's prison sentence if he or she is convicted. In addition, if a defendant has been charged with a federal drug crime, which can occur any time drugs are allegedly being moved or sold across state lines or the border with Mexico, federal sentencing guidelines are used to determine a period of incarceration upon conviction.

In general, federal sentencing guidelines provide for longer sentences and do not provide judges with as much discretion in terms of how long someone will be imprisoned. When it comes to the state sentencing guidelines, mitigating factors can be presented to the court in an effort to minimize the prison term that could be handed down.

How a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Anyone who faces Arizona drug charges finds themselves in a serious legal situation. Convictions for some of these crimes can be several decades long, and those who must defend themselves against these charges have their very freedoms and futures on the line. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to make every effort possible to protect your legal rights. That starts with contacting the Arizona criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of David Raymond Wroblewski immediately to schedule an initial consultation.

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